Results Oriented Management in Child Welfare

Training Site Discontinued

We are sad to inform you that the Results Oriented Management in Child Welfare training site has been discontinued. The original training was developed in 2008 and much of the information is now outdated and was provided using technology that is no longer supported. We have maintained the site for many years with no resources but are not able to do that any longer.

While some of the material was outdated we know that there was a good portion of it that remains useful and relevant. We hope to secure funding in the future that will enable us to update this training and make it available to persons who want to develop their knowledge and skills in using data as a tool for improving child welfare programs and practice.

The good news is that the training we had provided has grown into a multi-state data reporting project that is serving over 12 states. We put to use the ideas presented in the training and we continue to strive to have an impact on the use of data as foundational component to good child welfare practice.

If you need to contact me about the ROM reporting system or the training you can email me at the address below.

Terry Moore
Program Director, ROM: Results Oriented Management
Center for Children and Families
University of Kansas School of Social Welfare 785.864.8938 (office)

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